Emergency Dentistry Services

Emergency DentistryA hard blow to the jaw or an agonizing toothache can come on suddenly. Such dental emergencies require immediate attention and care. At Majestic Dentistry, Dentist in Anthem prioritize your oral health by making availability for you and your loved ones to come in and get emergency treatment so that you can get back to smiling and going about your day.

If you have a dental emergency, call us right away to schedule a same-day appointment with us.

Is My Toothache a Dental Emergency?

Many patients are unsure if their dental problem is an emergency or not. Some dental emergencies that you should have checked out right away are:

  • Teeth that have been knocked out due to injury.
  • Teeth that have fallen out due to decay.
  • Adult teeth that are very loose.
  • Teeth that have been severely broken or chipped, especially if parts of your enamel are missing.
  • Teeth that are severely cutting into your gums or mouth.
  • Deep infections and pockets of pus in your teeth or gum tissue.
  • Deep lacerations, punctures, or tears in your gum, bone, or soft tissue.

Even if you are not in any pain, these emergencies need to be addressed as soon as possible. Call us right away if you or a loved one has any of these dental emergencies.

Do I Really Need Treatment Right Away?

If you are a very busy person or you just don’t like going to the dentist, you may wondering if you can just ignore the problem or at least wait until you have some free time. You may even be thinking that your pain is not that bad and that there’s no need to take precious time out of your day to deal with it.

However, dental emergencies should not be taken lightly. A tooth that is loose can fall out completely if you wait too long to have it secured. A severe infection that is only causing mild discomfort can intensify into debilitating pain and spread into other parts of your face and neck.

Even if you are not sure if you have a dental emergency, do not hesitate to call us at Majestic Dentistry. Tell us about your symptoms so that we can schedule a time for you to come in as soon as possible. Do not ignore your dental emergency.

Our Same-Day Appointments for Dental Emergencies

We know some serious toothaches just can’t wait, which is why we offer same-day appointments for your dental emergencies. Whether you are a returning patient or a completely new patient with no records, call us immediately during our office hours if you have an emergency. We can make availability for you to come in that very day as soon as possible.

Your oral health and the oral health of your loved ones is important to us. Do not wait to schedule your emergency dental care with Dr. Holly at Majestic Dentistry. Every minute matters when it comes to saving your teeth.