Family Dentistry Services

Family DentistryRegular dental care is essential for everyone no matter their age. At Majestic Dentistry, we treat patients of many ages, including children. Dentist Anthem AZ recognize the importance of proper oral care for even the smallest developing teeth and aim to provide a comfortable experience for all members of your family.

Taking Your Children to the Dentist

You may be nervous about taking your children to the dentist. Or perhaps your children are afraid of strangers and having someone poke around in their mouth.

However, you should not put off taking your children to the dentist, even if they are young. It’s a good idea to begin taking your children to the dentist anthem at an early age so that they can develop good dental hygiene habits. Children who are taken to the dentist regularly are more likely to continue going to the dentist as adults.

Your Children and At-Home Oral Hygiene

Helping your child feel relaxed at the dental office begins with instilling the importance of oral hygiene at home! Here are some ideas that can get your kids more excited about taking care of their teeth:

  • Play a two-minute song or video to keep your child entertained and happy while brushing.  Make it fun and not a chore!
  • Make oral hygiene a routine that you never skip. Even if it’s been a long day or you are on vacation, never let fatigue or lack of time keep your child from brushing.
  • Use positive reinforcement. Find ways to motivate your child to brush. Let them choose what bedtime song you sing or story you read or simply let them know that you are proud of them.
  • Let your child choose what toothbrush and toothpaste they use. A toothbrush that is their favorite color and toothpaste with their favorite characters on it are more likely to get them excited to brush.

Get the whole family involved in developing good oral hygiene habits! Set a good example for your children by brushing regularly yourself, and schedule regular dental cleanings and examinations for all members of your family.

Treating Children at Majestic Dentistry

If your child struggles with dental phobia, come talk to us about our pediatric dental techniques. Dentist anthem and our team are very comfortable working with children and always work to ensure that they feel relaxed. We want your children to have only positive associations with going to the dentist so that they might continue feeling good about getting dental care when they are grown.

Majestic Dentistry is pleased to be your all-in-one dental office for your entire family including your children. Call us to learn more about our pediatric dentistry or to schedule an appointment.