General Dentistry

General DentistryAt Majestic Dentistry, Dentist Anthem AZ is committed to providing a comprehensive range of dental services to keep you and your loved ones smiling! Take control of your dental health by scheduling one of our general dental services today.

Dental Cleanings

Clean teeth is important not only for an attractive appearance but also overall oral comfort and health. Even if you’re consistent with your at-home oral hygiene routine, it is still possible to miss bacteria and plaque that may be sitting on your teeth.

Our dental hygienists can reach and clear away the plaque that you may be missing.  Our thorough in-office dental cleanings include:

  • Scraping away plaque and tartar build-up on and between teeth.
  • Teeth polishing to smooth out rough areas and provide a shiny finish.
  • Fluoride treatments to destroy bacteria and repair mild damage from decay.
  • Gum tissue cleaning and examination.
  • Deep cleaning below the gum line.
  • Oral cancer screenings.

Our friendly team uses gentle cleaning techniques suitable for all members of your family!

Dental Fillings

The enamel of your teeth is usually very strong and durable, but bacteria that sticks around for too long can harden and turn into plaque that can break through your teeth’s surface. This can result in small holes called cavities. Cavities can weaken your tooth and cause severe pain. If ignored for too long, a cavity can reach the inside of your tooth and cause a bad infection.

A cavity must be filled as soon as possible to prevent damage and infection. We provide tooth-colored fillings so that you can resume using your teeth normally again.


A tooth that is badly damaged or infected sometimes cannot be effectively treated. In this case, Dr. Holly may recommend that the problem tooth be removed instead. This can provide immediate pain relief or prevent an infection from spreading to other areas of your mouth.

We can perform quick and precise extractions for optimal comfort and healing time. We can then provide a replacement artificial tooth to restore your full smile.


Dental X-rays allow us to see problems that may not be noticeable with just eyes and mirrors. We take X-ray images of your teeth and jaw so that we can:

  • Find all cavities that need to be filled.
  • Check the dental pulp in your root canals.
  • Examine your gum and bone tissue.
  • Detect or predict any problems with incoming teeth.

Some patients are concerned about the safety of X-rays, but X-rays are an important part of getting a full picture of your oral health. Dr. Holly can discuss any of your concerns about getting X-rays during your appointment.

In order to keep your smile healthy and beautiful, it is recommended that you visit a dentist for general cleaning once every six months. Schedule your regular dental care with Majestic Dentistry by calling us today!