Tooth Extractions

Tooth ExtractionsYour teeth are usually very durable and resistant, which allows them to withstand daily chewing, biting, and crunching. However, sometimes your teeth might sustain an irreversible injury, or an untreatable infection may settle deep within their structure.

We will always try to salvage your natural teeth, but sometimes complete removal is the best solution to relieve aches and allow you to eat and speak normally again. Dentist in Anthem AZ can examine your problem tooth and may recommend an extraction if the tooth poses too much of a hazard for your oral health.

When Should a Tooth Be Extracted?

We may recommend removing a tooth when it is causing too much trouble for you, your other teeth, or other parts of your mouth. Common reasons for teeth extraction are:

  • Severe damage or decay.
  • Severe cracks or breakage, especially if the root canal is exposed.
  • Severe infection.
  • Extra teeth, especially if they are hitting other teeth or cutting into your gums.
  • Baby teeth that are taking too long to fall out and blocking adult teeth from growing in.
  • Wisdom teeth (your third set of molars) that are impacted or causing pain.

Dr. Holly will carefully examine your problem teeth before making a recommendation for extraction. We can discuss benefits for you and any concerns you might have. We can also discuss options for replacing your tooth with an artificial prosthetic.

Types of Extractions

The methods used to remove a tooth varies depending on how your tooth is seated in your gums.

A simple extraction is the removal of a tooth crown that has fully erupted above the gum line. A tooth crown that is fully erupted can usually be loosened and pulled out with minimal anesthesia and no cutting or breaking apart the tooth.

A surgical extraction is the removal of a tooth that has not fully erupted above the gum line. It may be partially visible or may still be completely under the gums. To successfully remove the tooth, incisions and tooth breakage may be required. A surgical extraction usually requires more anesthesia, and many patients opt for sedation (laughing gas) as well.

At Majestic Dentistry, we provide simple extractions and some straightforward surgical extractions. If your teeth require more intensive surgery, especially in the case of wisdom teeth, we may refer you to a specialist.

Don’t tolerate your toothache a moment longer. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Holly at Majestic Dentistry today to see if an extraction may be a good option to relieve your dental pain.