Dental Technology

When a field of science is constantly changing and advancing, practices in that field must change to keep up-to-date with it. Our practice, Majestic Dentistry, is no exception. We use leading-edge technology and equipment to ensure high-quality dental service for our patients.

Oral Cancer Screenings

Common symptoms of oral cancer are sores or patches in the mouth that won’t heal, but some signs are not so easily visible. Dentist Anthem AZ understand the potential life-threatening risks of oral cancer and use advanced screening technology including X-rays, cameras, reflectance, and fluorescence to check your mouth for signs of cancer even if you are not experiencing any pain or symptoms.

Oral cancer is a serious condition that must be identified as soon as possible. Oral cancer detected in its early stages has a much better chance of being successfully treated and eliminated. Make oral cancer screening a normal part of your dental visit by scheduling an examination with Majestic Dentistry.

DIAGNOdent™ Pen

Some dental caries, commonly called cavities, are difficult to detect with eyes, mirrors, and tools alone. X-rays can more accurately reveal cavities, but they can be bothersome and tedious.

The DIAGNOdent pen is a quick and reliable tool that can identify cavities, decay, lesions, and even signs of periodontitis. The pen uses laser fluorescence to scan gums and teeth for any holes or abnormalities (including cancer!). Its scanner can penetrate deep and can detect cavities even beneath enamel that is intact.


Lasers are useful in dentistry for both cosmetic and restorative reasons. Lasers can effectively remove plaque and tartar, cut gum and other soft tissue, and file teeth in preparation for veneers or crowns. Lasers are more precise and less invasive than metal knives or tools, so their incisions are typically smaller and more controlled, and they can heal more quickly with less pain and discomfort.

At Majestic Dentistry, we are committed to providing the most advanced dental service to our patients. Call us today to set up an appointment and take advantage of our innovative technology.